A Little Teaser!

Last fall I was contacted by a woman who lives in Los Angeles. She is an author, publisher, speaker, yoga coach… and her impressive list of accomplishments go on. Her name is Denita Austin.

Denita had discovered my website and was reaching out to see if I would be interested in participating in a co-authored book. There would be ten female authors from around the world, each one sharing her story of a life-changing travel experience. After a few emails and phone calls it was decided that I would partake. I was incredibly excited about this project, to the point that it didn't feel quite real.

Perhaps a little bit too unreal. My submission deadline was January 31st, and I thought: that gives me two months to write a little over 2,000 words. Piece of cake! I had all the time in the world! …I didn't, and found myself with only two more weeks and no draft! Yikes!

I got on the phone with my friend Bettie. We joked about how I had left it too long, and was now experiencing writer's block while on my very first writing assignment! Haha! Finally she said, "Come over, settle into your favourite little suite here, I'll leave you be, and you write!" And that is precisely what happened. So, my travel story was penned at Parterre in Newport, Rhode Island. How lovely! Penned at Parterre. Now I've even managed to romanticize it!

Since my story is related to Paris (of course) it was easy to establish where the cover had to be shot. Hence my March trip to Paris. Anything for an excuse to go, right?

The cover concept changed many times. I won't bore you with the details, but I did end up in front of the camera having the best day with photographer Loc Boyle.

I am super excited about our book, Passport to Self Discovery. 

We are very close to launching, first in e-book format, followed by hard copy one week later. I cannot wait to share more ...especially on how the book cover came to be! Stay tuned!!


Photo Credits:

4. Image by photographer, Loc Boyle

5. Image by photographer, Loc Boyle