Staying Sane and Making Changes

When COVID hit last year, I sat still along with the rest of the world. I complied with the restrictions, respected those around me by wearing a mask, kept my distance, and spent the majority of my time at home, cherishing the things I am grateful for. And it goes without saying that none of the above has changed.

However, there were two times last year when I made an exception and, safely, ventured out on little road trips. As the year came to an end it was easy to see that these two exceptions saved me from plunging deeper into the funk that I was already stuck in prior to the pandemic.

The trips were a weekend away in Algonquin Park at Arowhon Pines, in the fall...

... and enjoying a true winter wonderland experience in Mont Tremblant, Quebec at Hôtel Quintessence.

I felt completely safe in both environments and when the recent restrictions have eased I will continue the "road trippin'". 

As far as prioritizing my goals in 2021, I have chosen two to focus on: a complete revamp of My Beautiful Paris, and creating a dreamy backyard, beginning with the building of a bunkie.

Since I don't live in Paris it has been a challenge to keep my website up to date. Instead of attempting to fill up my site with a lot of information, which is impossible for me to keep current, I am going to concentrate on my favourite pieces of Paris, which are hotels, parks, museums, and shopping…  as well as a fun new section on literature and novels. So stay tuned for a whole new concept!

If it takes a year, or two, to build my dream bunkie, so be it. I am not in a hurry and since I am determined to develop a perfect little oasis, it might take a bit of time. I look forward to sharing this process in case you are looking to do something similar. 

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you are healthy, safe, and creating your own to-do lists. Whether your dreams are big or small, they have never been so important as they are now.