Truffle Hunting in the Tuscan Countryside

We just made it! In Italy, black truffles are in season all year round, but it was the white ones we were on the hunt for. The white truffle season only lasts from October to late December, and at times into early January. The tail end of the season was looming upon us, so we were lucky to have had such a successful hunt on January 4th.

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New Year’s in Rome!

Spending the festive holidays in Rome and Florence was just as magical as the Christmases I have spent in Paris. Truly. 

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Jaunts to Newport

The history is fascinating. The architecture is fascinating. The way these families lived is fascinating, and so completely foreign to me. Could you imagine being called up to bed!? Off the little Vanderbilts would run, up the grand staircase to their sweet luxurious bedrooms with a nanny in tow. The extravagance of it all is mind blowing.  

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The Hotels, the Exhibition and the Caesar Salad

After lunch it was straight to Musée des Arts Décoratifs for the Christian Dior exhibit. This was the highlight of our trip so we were pretty excited when we took our place in the queue. 

During the entire tour the only word that kept popping into my head was - exquisite!! Everything was exquisite.

If you are Paris bound in the near future, this is something you cannot miss! It is the biggest fashion exhibition ever held in Paris. The exhibit closes on January 7, 2018.

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Colourful Autumn Leaves

I had only been to Paris during the fall once before, so I was pretty excited to experience it again a couple of weeks ago. If you're heading to Paris soon, you might be lucky enough to enjoy the tail end of the colourful autumn leaves. Or, if you're planning a visit sometime next year, I would highly recommend going during the fall season. The temperature is cooler, but still lovely enough for long walks.

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Italy - Part Two!

The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze should hire a security team for those who refuse to check out – like me! (Locking yourself in your suite and hoping they won't notice doesn't actually work that well.)

But in the end, I dragged myself away from Florence, and it wasn't so bad. I was soon distracted by my excitement about where we were headed next: Basilicata!    

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Italy - Part One

Traveling is my oxygen! (That may sound a wee bit dramatic… Oh well!)

Going without trendy clothes, a pair of fancy footwear or the latest gizmos and gadgets in order to save up for that next trip is easy for me. Experiencing different cultures and seeing new places, or revisiting cities I love, brings me an indescribable amount of happiness. And, to boot, the memories are something I will always own, whereas clothes will become dated and tossed out, along with the shoes, and gadgets will quickly need upgrading. So I'm quite content in going without… as long as I am able to travel. 

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Summer Fun in New York City!

New York City is so much fun that I visited twice this summer! It's also easy to get to for us Torontonians. It's a little more than an hour to fly, and if you're a road tripper like me you'll enjoy the eight-hour drive through beautiful upstate New York en route to the city.

My first trip this summer was in July with my mother, sister and niece. It was a graduation gift for my niece Lauren as she's heading off to university this year. Seriously, where does the time go?!

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Calling All Bookworms!

I just had the loveliest time with novelist Sally Christie, author of the Mistresses of Versailles trilogy. I first discovered her series last year, when I picked up The Sisters of Versailles. I'm a sucker for historical fiction – especially anything related to France from the 17th century to WWII. I quickly noticed that it was book number one of a trilogy. Since I don't like it when a good book ends, knowing that there would be two more was a huge bonus!

I devoured it. The story of the Mailly-Nesle sisters is fascinating, and one not told enough. I knew very little of them. In one family, four sisters became mistresses to King Louis XV. Ha! Four! Naughty sisters.

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There's a Package in the Mail!!


I've signed up for a monthly surprise subscription box. It's an interesting thing indeed. I realize that I'm definitely late in the game. It's been a while now that I've seen this relatively new concept of surprise subscription boxes fluttering about on the internet, and I presumed I wouldn't be interested in paying for something I didn't personally choose, so never really gave it any thought… until I actually did. Ha!

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