Custom Travel Itineraries

Traveling is costly, no doubt, but everyone deserves a little time away. So don't squander those precious funds: plan it right!

A successful vacation comes as the result of paying attention to detail, spending hours researching and understanding your destination. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing a little research before you hop on that plane.

If you simply don't have the time to create the perfect journey, leave it to me.

I've created many exciting itineraries for travelers to Paris and other areas in Europe,from putting together something as simple as suggesting accommodations to planning entire trips down to every detail.

Investing time into your holiday will give you the ultimate adventure!

Let's get started!

The first step is to fill in my Contact Form. This will provide me with a few necessary details in order to understand the service you are looking for.

We will then set up a meeting via telephone, Skype or simply continue through email to discuss your trip in further detail.

Once you decide to move forward we will start to get into the delicious details... where, when and what!

Your customized itinerary can include any of the following;

  • Airline tickets
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Train tickets
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Car rentals
  • Museum passes
  • Walking tours
  • A list of must-sees

A draft itinerary will be created which can be revised until it's exactly the way you like it.

Prior to your departure you will receive a package including the following;

  • Your detailed day-by-day trip itinerary
  • Hotel confirmations with contact information and location maps
  • All tickets and/or confirmations for transportation, museum passes, tours, concerts, etc.
  • Restaurant reservations with contact information and location maps

At the end of my work you will be entirely ready to board that plane!

I am also accessible for the duration of your trip should you need to make any last minute changes or require further information on places to see, eat, etc.

However, if you are like me and enjoy creating your own vacations but require a little direction I am also available on an hourly basis.

People I have worked with:

"When my brother and I decided to visit Paris together for a week, we had a few, specific destinations in mind. We also wanted to enjoy the experience of wandering the streets and encountering a few surprises.  When we found online, we found Norma and a planning service that was friendly, knowledgeable and responsive in achieving that for us.

After an initial exchange of information, Norma developed 5 daily itineraries which incorporated our specific destinations within area walking tours that are filled with interesting stops and suggestions, reflective of our interests. Her personal experience of Paris enables her to provide helpful restaurant, safety and transportation advice and to help you make the most of your time in this iconic city. Using was a positive experience and a very good decision." - Patricia, Toronto, Ontario 

"My husband immediately asked, "Why are you paying someone, when you should be doing all of this yourself?" Truth be told, we couldn't do it ourselves - After weeks of attempting to create a plan, we would always come to a standstill of indecision and get completely overwhelmed with uncertainty. Without looking back I cannot tell you how many times my husband said, "This was totally worth it! Norma made amazing choices! Every detail was covered! Every recommendation was accurate! She made this the best trip ever!" ...And then I got to say, "I told you so!". Thanks Norma :)" - Shauna So, Oakville, Ontario 

"Norma was my "french connection" - Oh my goodness , this was the way to travel!!  I realized when traveling abroad - to get a referral and handle things on your own is not the answer. Its much more than that , Norma reviewed our likes , preferences, and frankly dreams . Curating a package that was not only Blissful, but seamless. From Trains, to spa packages , to dinner reservations. Each detail defined discussed and in turn discovered, thanks to Norma's due diligence and deluxe array of travel experience. I can only hope that Norma investigates other fabulous destinations in advance so I can use her unlimited potential on my next vacation." - Jennifer Brouwer, Toronto 

"I gave Norma our requirements for Paris and a spa in the countryside of Bordeaux. The tight list of options for each was spot on and Norma didn't over look the small details that make a smooth trip, like booking a taxi for our arrival at the Bordeaux train station. Even the package that arrived with our comprehensive agenda showed Norma's passion for France and care for the client. I'd go back to each exquisite place all over again they were that fabulous. Having Norma as our insider expert made all the difference by eliminating the stress of planning and bringing the assurity of the perfect fit itinerary " - Lisa Ferguson, Toronto 

"A thousand thanks for all your great recommendations, tips and website links.  You are a fund of information about Paris!" - Caroline Andrews, South Africa  

"James and I had a wonderful time in Paris and your site was extremely helpful - Thank you!" - Joy Weaver, Texas 

"If I had of known about your sevices I would have gotten you to do all of it for us...I just love the location you suggested for our stay in was so central...thanks again Norma." - Elizabeth McLean, Ontario

"Planning a trip to Europe?? Well, when I was in that position I had no idea where to start. Where should I go?? What sites should I see?? Where should I stay?? Here I am a single woman who had never travelled alone before and decided that I was going to go to Europe for a month by myself. Originally I thought that I would just go and do it by means of travel groups so I would be safe and still get to see the sites of Europe. Then I was put into contact with Norma via my brother. After looking at her website and having a conversation with Norma, I knew this woman could make this trip way more than I could have ever hoped for. So, I put my trip into her hands and let her work her magic on my summer adventure. WOW!!! It really was magical!!! In less than 12 hours after our first conversation, Norma had already emailed me a sample itnerary, from start to finish (just as an idea of what I could do). It was amazing. Through a few phone calls and emails, my trip was set. All of my flights, hotel reservations, train tickets were booked. Maps of places to tour, places to shop, restaurants and cafes to visit were also part of the package. Hotels were phenomenal. Movement from one city to the next via train or plane was seamless and easy. Had it not been for Norma's input, I am afraid I would have missed out on so much of the true culture of Europe. The experience was truly exhilarating!! It was truly the trip of a lifetime thanks to Norma's knowledge of Europe and experience as a seasoned traveller herself. I will say with complete confidence that if you are the least bit unsure of your travel plans and need a bit of help, Norma is the "Go-To Girl". I will without hesitation put my next trip in her hands when the time comes....and hopefully that time will come again soon!! Thank you Norma for a fantastic trip and many beautiful memories." - Michele Mundell, Ontario

"We cannot thank you enough for all your input into our time in Paris. The map that you made for us for our first day's walk was perfect because it allowed us to get more comfortable moving around Paris. We were so glad that you recommended the apartment in the Marais district. It was clean and comfortable and we were very content there; as well, all venues were within walking distance. We felt almost like true Parisians. The French bistro LE GRAND COLBERT and the quaint Italian restaurant GLI ANGELI were great experiences. Another highlight was having tea at the George V. I swear that the jazz pianist was playing just for us. Our overnight visit at the Chateau Hotel Mont Real - Chantilly - was terrific. Another time, we would like to spend longer than one night to take advantage of more of the hotel's amenities. Thanks again for your expertise." - Betty Taylor, Ontario