Paris in the Winter

I am completely drawn to the winter vibe in Paris. The silent parks, bare trees, gray skies; the fresh, chilly air and huddling at a corner table enjoying a chocolat chaud under a heat lamp on the terrace of a pretty café. It soothes my soul. There's something deeply calming about being in the City of Light during the winter months.

The other plus of being in Paris during the winter season is that the benefits are endless. Many hotels will offer up deals. It is less busy, meaning shorter lines for you! You don't feel guilty spending time indoors shopping or strolling through all of the glorious museums.

One of my favourite escapes from the winter chill is to enjoy a cosy tea time! There are so many wonderful venues to choose from. My two top choices are the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

…. and the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris. Both offer a delicious experience in the most exquisite surroundings.

I have been visiting Paris during the winter season for many years now; and, being a sweater girl, a comfy, winter wardrobe makes me very happy. Jackets, sweaters, boots, mittens and scarves will do the trick!

So! If you are questioning whether winter in Paris is a good idea or not… think no more, and book that flight! Paris is magical all year round.