The Delightfully Delicious Bloody Caesar

There is something dreadfully depressing about being able to say that you have known someone for decades. So here it goes. I have known my friend Tara for decades – ever since high school, as a matter of fact. And now I am dreadfully depressed. Well, actually not really, because what is not depressing is the subject of this post: the delightfully delicious Bloody Caesar.

Our mutual favourite Canadian cocktail is the beloved Bloody Caesar. For those who are curious, the Bloody Caesar is not a Bloody Mary. Not. Even. Close. OK, they are pretty close, but the vital ingredient that distinguishes these two cocktails and makes one superior to the other (in my opinion, anyway) is Clamato juice. The Bloody Caesar contains Clamato as its main ingredient, unlike the Bloody Mary, which contains straight tomato juice. Clamato juice is a blend of tomato juice and clam broth. I know – sounds disgusting. Trust me, it is not.

Tara recently found this article on the Toronto Life website: Fifteen of the city's most insane Caesars

She forwarded it along to me, her fellow Caesar addict, and after a quick read I suggested we declare this the summer of the Caesar and try every single one. She was in. Thus our new mission is to find the tastiest and the craziest!

This very serious project began last Friday afternoon when we visited three of these establishments, and at each we ordered "the Caesar mentioned in the article, please." And with them came the insane garnish cited in the article: deep-fried dill pickles topped with relish, smoked bacon candied in brown sugar syrup, Indian spices, etc. etc.

This week we will visit another three. I look forward to moving on and into unchartered waters… such as a duck on a Caeasar. An entire duck on a Caesar! Who does that. Oh goodness, help me.


Image credits:

3. Caroline Aksich via Toronto Life Article