New Year’s in Rome!

Spending the festive holidays in Rome and Florence was just as magical as the Christmases I have spent in Paris. Truly.

I really didn't think any place could be as special as Paris until this New Year's Eve, when I stood on a side street in Rome beside my husband and friends among the locals, full from the yummiest pasta and truffles dinner, tossing firecrackers about like they were streamers. Everyone was having the most fun, and the amusement was intoxicating! I was experiencing the happiest New Year's Eve I have ever had.

It did get a little crazy for a moment, when one firecracker was accidentally dropped by our feet. This automatically kicked in human nature's run-for-your-life reaction – which, for me, meant landing butt-first into a plant. My derrière was literally wedged into a large potted plant, with my legs dangling out. I was laughing so hard I could hardly break free!


Our days were spent wandering the city, enjoying the mild weather (thank God we were missing the deep freeze in Toronto!) …

… and our nights were spent lounging by the fire at the gorgeous J.K. Place Roma. What a hotel! 

Our balcony!


More lounging by the fire, which is on the left. Unfortunately, it did not make the picture.

Gorgeous room!

Breakfast donuts. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

And another lounge!

Cheers to J.K. Place Roma for passing with flying colours in all catergories... especially, customer service, design and comfort. 

After three days we had to leave Rome, which was kinda a piece-of-cake, because we were heading to my favourite city in Italy.

Florence is up next!