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While leafing through a Vogue magazine I came across an article on a very sweet and very French looking little inn in Nîmes, France. I knew nothing of the town, but didn't care. We were going!

Jardins Secrets will forever be one of my all-time favorites. It exists on a side street behind an old stone wall and a big grey gate. As you enter you find yourself in the most exquisite little garden with a small pool surrounded by grass, perfectly set teak steamer chairs and antique side tables scattered about. The entrance to the dreamy pink house is just beyond the pool where we received a friendly and warm welcome.

I was clapping my hands with excitement (well not really but I sure felt like it) while we were being escorted to our room. The entire way through the house and up the steps and down the exterior corridors was superb. An old big creaky door, accessible with a large brass key, led us into our adorable little room and double shutter-like doors took us to the perfect tiny bathroom with its clawfoot tub. My husband would have preferred a bit more room. I thought it was utterly romantic!

Arriving by train in to Nîmes was a little disappointing in that it appeared to be somewhat of an industrial town. I started to wonder if we had made the right choice. However, once we exited the train and walked through the beautifully designed train station I knew it was going to be fine. And fine Nîmes was!

Nîmes is a pleasant city to walk around. The old centre has much to offer with its restaurants, my favorite being Le 9, and shopping, yet the Roman ruins impressed us the most. The well-kept amphitheatre dating back to 70 A.D., the Roman baths, and the waterways which fed the beautiful Jardins de la Fontaine in the 18th century were indeed the highlights.

Two nights and three days is all you need in Nîmes; however, don't let that deter you from staying a little longer. Who wouldn't want to live at Jardins Secrets!