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I have to admit: I knew very little about this region prior to the summer of 2010. Thanks to Holidays France Rentals, we had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful villa in Cessaras, the tiniest little town right in the heart of Languedoc.

Located in the south of France and bordering the west of the Provence and Cote D'Azure region, Languedoc holds many gems like Nimes, larger cities such as Toulouse and Montpellier, and several coastal towns. It's a beautiful area with hills, wineries, tree-lined roads, and little villages scattered all about.

Our favorite village was Minerve, hands down. It is a ten-minute drive or a forty-minute bike ride (up hill!) from Cessaras. Though the bike ride is 'exciting and scenic' according to my husband, I decided to stick to driving.

From the minute you catch your first glimpse of Minerve you can see why it was chosen as one of 'The Most Beautiful Villages of France.' It sits on top of a canyon surrounded by breathtaking landscape. A main bridge open only to the residents of Minerve (oh, and my husband) leads into the village, where good restaurants and even better shops await!

A huge disappointment for us was Carcassonne. I was really looking forward to seeing this historical walled city. The exterior is absolutely stunning! However, as we entered my stomach sank. Another piece of gorgeous history ruined with cheap tacky tourist shops and over-priced, tasteless restaurants. What a shame! Why can they not preserve these precious historical sites with some class? Ugh! But if it is only structure and architecture you are looking for, I definitely recommend a visit.

Since it's not as popular as the Provence and Bordeaux regions, Languedoc seemed less busy. We drove for long stretches without seeing another soul. It is much quieter but has just as much to offer. We had ample breathing room and felt that we could do what we wanted, at our own pace.