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I usually end up visiting certain areas in France because of a breathtaking hotel I've spotted in a magazine or online. Château D'artigny was one of them. Featured as the "Hotel of the Month" on one of the many hotel websites I visit on a regular basis, the second I saw it I was mesmerized.

Since we were already Bordeaux bound and it is a bit of a hike from Paris to Bordeaux, we decided to shorten the trip by spending a little time in the Loire Valley.

Absolutely breathtaking! Gorgeous grounds, an elegant structure, fine amenities, such as tennis courts, pools and bicycles - we were delighted!

After nearly beating my husband in a game of tennis, no joke, we hopped on our bicycles and off we went. As we rode down the tree-lined roads, in and out of the tiniest and sweetest villages, there it was... fields and fields of vibrant yellow sunflowers looking straight at us. What a sight to be seen!

The room was decorated in over-the-top floral wallpaper with drapes to match, why ever not? So completely excessive that we couldn't help but love it.

My favourite elements were the lounge with its pastel blues and plush furniture, and the terrace overlooking the valley.

I wish we could have had a little more time to explore this lovely area. Next time!