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J'adore Versailles! Being a huge fan of Marie Antoinette, Versailles is naturally one of my beloved destinations.

Her zest for life intrigues me. From the history books I've devoured concerning this dynamic woman, she was no doubt extravagant; however, it is her little bit of innocence that I find appealing.

The enormous size of the château blew me away, the hall of mirrors left me speechless, and the door through which Marie Antoinette fled during the Revolution kept me glued.

A little disappointment is that the château itself holds very few pieces of furniture, not really giving you the feel of how it would have been in its heyday. However, if you venture on to Le Grand Trianon, which I highly recommend, you will see very exciting pieces from the Napoleonic era.

The grounds are remarkable: the gorgeous gardens and fountains speak for themselves, and Marie Antoinette's farm is mesmerizing. But my favourite: Le Petit Trianon -marvelous!

On my last visit I decided to hire a private tour guide. The guide was wonderful and shared many stories as we moved from one grand room to another. It was also beneficial in that we bypassed the ticket and entrance lines, savings us hours of time. They pick you up from your hotel or apartment and drop you off in the same location after the tour. If you're interested, visit Private Tours Paris. They are a very reliable and have excellent service.

In order to take it all in I would recommend spending an entire day at Versailles. I also strongly recommend that you arrive first thing. Taking the RER train is the easiest and most straightforward way to get there. If you arrive midday, be prepared for long line-ups.

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