Tommy Hilfiger Paris and The Dailey Method

Tommy Hilfiger Paris and The Dailey Method Team up for a Good Cause

By my beautiful and talented friend, Carina Okula - Published October 17, 2013

One thing you may well have noticed around these parts is I rarely post shots that include people. There are multiple reasons, but those at the top of the list include 1) French privacy laws - snapping shots of people on the street and posting them requires permission from the person in the image,  2) there are a whole lot of amazing, talented photographers that do portraits and it's best left to them, and 3)  at the end of the day, my lens focus is usually elsewhere.

Recently though, I broke out onto the streets of Paris for some laughter and people shots in the name of a good cause.

A couple of years ago I met Kelly Dailey, owner of the Dailey Method Paris, an exercise studio tucked at the back of a beautiful Parisian courtyard on Avenue Victor Hugo. Kelly's sister Jill started the Dailey Method in San Francisco twelve years ago and the company has now grown to fifty two studios scattered throughout the USA/Canada. Another sister Erin is heavily involved in the business on American soil. Keeping it in the family, back in 2003, Kelly came across a unique space in Paris, and converted what had previously been horse stables into the first Dailey Method studio in Europe.

The Dailey sisters  are part of an amazing, caring and kind spirited family. Along with their parents and friends, they also founded 'Every Child is a Gem', a charity that looks after orphans and widows in third world countries. Amongst the projects they've undertaken and continue to help, they currently sustain two orphanages in Kenya.

During the month of October, and in particular this week, Kelly has joined forces with Tommy Hilfiger Paris and another lady from another equally remarkable family, Susan Schwartz, whose family founded Breast Health International (BHI) in 1990 and who attended the first Dailey Donate class on Monday.

For the past seven years, Tommy Hilfiger has united with BHI and teamed up with top models to create a unique bag for sale, the profits going to BHI's 'Fund for Living' and to improving the lives of women with breast cancer. This year Tommy Hilfiger worked with Claudia Schiffer and Noami Campbell for their campaign 'A little JUMP makes a BIG difference'. And that is where Kelly stepped in. Uniting forces with Tommy Paris and BHI, classes at the Dailey Method this week will be exempt of normal fees, operating instead on a donation system with all funds raised going to the Fund for Living. The Tommy Paris team will be participating and have dressed the Dailey studio with images (and Dailey girls for the above photos) as well as bags for those who feel like purchasing one.

If you're in Paris and looking for a stretch this week ..... this is the perfect spot to let it all out on Avenue Victor Hugo.

Read more about Dailey Method Paris and the Tommy Hilfiger / BHI week here:

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The Kale Project made a stop on Victor Hugo for a session that combined pink with green, and, Savoir Faire Paris took a break from helping others with life in Paris to strengthen and energise themselves.

As the Tommy campaign says, 'A little jump can make a big difference'. In the Dailey case, a stretch doesn't go amiss either.