Spring in Paris: Day Four

Day four was about wandering.

I had nothing planned other than a quick meeting with Steve, my website techie, and the much anticipated midnight photo session. I wanted the day to just be free. As I am sure you other Francophiles can appreciate, roaming the streets of Paris with no destination in mind can be so completely fulfilling.

The scents of spring were killing me! The purple hanging lilac flowers (and croissants) drew me in wherever they were. I was forever stopping to smell them. Their scent was intoxicating.

I enjoyed people watching…

...and taking a break here and there to pat a dog.

I popped into Repetto for a pair of Oxfords. I have had my eye on them for a while now and actually ended up wearing them right out of the boutique on the strong, yet friendly, recommendation of the petite sales lady – "your black shoes are very dark for such a beautiful day." "Um, OK I will just wear them out then?" I asked. "Oui! That is a good idea," she replied in an elated tone, as if we had just come up with something pretty spectacular. Were my shoes that bad?

Thanks to the little sales lady, thirty minutes later I was screaming for a Band-Aid!

The expression on a French person's face when they have to endure a non-French speaking tourist who is in desperate need of something is priceless. It really is. With two pharmacists looking on, I finally just took my shoe off and showed them my blister. "Ahh," she said. Really?!

Apparently I haven't been keeping up with modern Band-Aids. The rubbery skin-coloured "Cushion" ones are a-mazing – and expensive.

Relieved and walking normally again, I carried on. Several hours later it was back to my hotel - Hôtel Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré - so I could take a nap and re-charge for my upcoming very late night.

Midnight in Paris with Carina… up next!


Image credits:

5. Band-Aid via www.drugsupplystore.com