Upcoming Adventures!

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." – Martin Buber

Mother Nature so graciously decided to sprinkle a little snow on Toronto last weekend. Yes, snow in May. Ugh! 

But this weekend's forecast looks promising, with lots of mini bright suns and some warmer temps bringing out my vacation anticipation for upcoming travel plans. 

After undertaking two road trips last year, I discovered I love them. So, I am soon off on another!

In early June I am returning to Newport, Rhode Island, via a new destination, The Berkshires in western Massachusetts.

My first stop will be The Blantyre, a luxurious country hotel in Lenox. The 6.5 hour journey from my home in Toronto will be peanuts compared to last fall's adventure

If this environment doesn't make you want to lounge with a book all afternoon, I'm not sure what would. 

Here I will read and eat and relax and rest and sleep and eat and read. But! I will have to break up my afternoon of R&R for a tour of The Mount, which is literally just down the road. The Mount was Edith Wharton's home. I am a big fan of her life story and novels and am very happy to be visiting. 

After my stay at the Blantyre I will proceed on to Newport, RI.

In previous posts I have mentioned a woman I met in Newport last fall.

Bettie Bearden Pardee and I met by chance and immediately hit it off, becoming fast friends. I am beyond thrilled to be returning to Newport – this time, as her guest. 

Two years ago Bettie released her third book. She writes about traditional and chic Newport. After devouring every word of Living Newport: Houses, People, Style, I headed straight up the stairs to my closet and scoured it for hours, not retreating until I had created the perfect wardrobe. I am coming prepared! 

The agenda is an exciting one with teas, garden parties and dinners. And I am already certain that one of the highlights will be spending time in her award-winning garden.  

My dearest Bettie, I will see you soon!

A summer can't slip by without a little bit of Paris. 

In July I will travel to the City of Light and stay for just under two weeks. This time I get to settle in a bit, thanks to Haven in Paris, an apartment rental agency.

I haven't stayed in an apartment for quite some time and am looking forward to the homey environment it offers. My sweet niece Cassie will be joining me here. Oh what fun we will have!

My Paris trip will be ending off with a bang. After four years of renovations, the legendary Ritz Paris is reopening and I will most certainly be checking in. Eeek! Much more on this later!  

The summer will conclude with an August weekend in Chicago. My friend Rebecca Plotnick and I have already created a jam-packed agenda that makes me wonder if I should be extending!

Our mutual love for Paris is what brought us together and I am super excited about spending this time with her. You can see her passion for Paris on Instagram

I am signing off until mid-June, when I look forward to filling you in with an update.

Wishing you all a fun filled Victoria Day long weekend! 


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