Rebecca Plotnick: Paris Through Her Lens

I discovered Rebecca on Pinterest one day while searching for a photo of Paris. When I came across her picture of the boats in Luxembourg Gardens, I knew I had the photo I was looking for. I also knew I had to find the photographer. I did -  and she's wonderful! 

Her pictures are beautiful and speak volumes.

As her love for Paris is quite evident, I asked her for a little blurb on what exactly she loves the most. 

"If I had one word to describe Paris it would be "magical". It may sound a little cheesy if you have never been, but I have my reasons.

I am a travel photographer. I first dreamt of going to Paris when I was a child. I studied French when I was younger and finally made it to Paris in my early 20's.

My pictures rarely have people in them. I wake up before the sun rises and walk the streets. A day is not complete without a walk by the Seine. I walk the sidestreets of Paris away from the tourists and I try my best to capture everyday life in my photographs. The city is filled with magic and light throughout the day.

For the full picture of Paris, make sure to listen to the sounds and smell the fresh pastries baking in the morning. Stop by the Marais on Sunday while the rest of the city is quiet. The Marais is filled with laughter and noise.

If you are visiting Paris, don't forget to pack an umbrella. There is no better way to explore the city than in the rain!" 

Rebecca's photographs are available to purchase on Etsy. Check them out!

Here are my favourites: