Pinch Me!

Have you ever had a "pinch me" moment? When you just couldn't believe something was really happening?

One of my greatest pinch me moments involves Coco Chanel, and the time I was invited to visit her original apartment in Paris.

In the early 1900's, Coco Chanel entered the world of fashion as a talented hat maker. She opened her first shop, "Chanel Modes," in 1910 at 21, rue Cambon in Paris. Soon, her fashionable headwear and other glorious new garment creations became so sought-after that she required more space, so she purchased 31, rue Cambon. (I apologize for that extremely brief history lesson of a woman who deserves so much more, but I need to get to the pinch me part – and really, who doesn't know about Coco Chanel?!)   

Mademoiselle Chanel spent most of her life living at the Hôtel Ritz Paris; however, prior to that envious address, she lived in a fashionable second-floor apartment above her boutique at 31, rue Cambon.

After her move to the Ritz, she continued to use the space on rue Cambon for social gatherings with clients and friends such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor and so many other lucky ones.  

The apartment remains very much the same as it was during Chanel's time. The pieces of art, chandeliers, lamps and table-top trinkets… they all hold a fascinating story which my host so graciously shared with me.

I hope you enjoy this little peek inside. Up the iconic mirrored staircase we go…