Passport to Self Discovery

In January 2017, I met with a life coach. One of her first assignments was for me to write down a list of ten goals. Considering my state of uncertainty at the time, I was surprised that the list only took me about five minutes to compile. When you're really ready to grab a hold of yourself and make some changes, it is amazing how clear your vision can become with a little guidance. 

One goal, however, was a little (lot!) far-fetched. I'm actually surprised I threw it on the list, as I didn't want to be reckless. It was important for me to keep the list realistic. 

I wanted to be published. 

Fast forward one year. When I received an email from Denita Austen in early December, the publisher I introduced you to in my last post, A Little Teaser!, I didn't think of my list of ten goals at all. I was too caught up dreaming up the exciting project I was about to take part in.

Well here we are, four months later, and releasing a book! 

I am so grateful to Denita for finding me and for feeling my little story was worth sharing in Passport to Self Discovery: A Compilation of Life-Changing Travel Stories from Extraordinary Authors.

Every traveler has a story to tell. I think the idea of bringing people together like this to share their most memorable or transformational travel experience is brilliant. And now, even the book cover has its own travel story! 

How amazing is this little puppy?! Her name is Nova. She lives in Paris.

During a shoot for the book cover, I was in Paris sitting for photographer Loc Boyle when Nova came scampering up to me, ears bouncing. During our sweet little introduction, Loc kept shooting.

After reviewing over 1,700 photos taken that day, it was Loc's candid shot of Nova that captured the cover. 

For the e-readers, the e-book version will be ready for download very soon! I will keep you updated!                     

And for those who, like me, prefer printed books, the soft copy will be available for purchase by the end of May. If you pre-order by May 25, 2018, you'll receive an extra little something - a gift with purchase: three 2 x 7 soft touch laminated bookmarks of Nova!! Click here for more details. 

I do hope you will enjoy Passport to Self Discovery and, if anything, I hope it inspires you to go out and explore. Plan your next adventure. Create more of your own travel stories. Walk miles of world.

"Walking ten thousand miles of world is better than reading ten thousand scrolls of books." — Chinese Proverb

More updates will follow!