What's Happening on Instagram

Between packing for Seychelles and finishing up on last minute work deadlines, I have, of course, found time for a little Instagram. There's always time for Instagram. :)  

Valentine's Day was pretty sweet, and topped off with delicious LOVE cookies from Colette, a favourite restaurant and bakery of mine in Toronto.

You would think the freezing cold temps would keep us inside. Nope! Oscar and I bundled up on Sunday and went searching for the Winter Stations - a public art installation on the beach in the Beaches. The Snowcone was definitely my favourite. 

It was take-your-dog-to-work day last Friday so my sweet Oscar's view for the day was downtown Toronto. Office work proved to be exhausting for Oscar, hence the necessary boardroom table nap.   

My dad's 65th birthday took me back to my old stomping grounds, Doon Village, and a drive past the charming old gas station that fascinated me during my youth.  

This room-with-a-view photo and bouquet of roses was taken from my room at the Four Seasons George V in Paris – a fitting picture since I will be joining them again in April. Yeahhhhh! 

These remaining photos are shots from recent trips to Paris. The photo of the iconic steps leading to Coco Chanel's private apartment was taken in December. It will be a day I will never forget. I can still feel the carpet under my feet and the beat of my heart quickening as I opened her door… 

My next post will be all about sun, sand and palm trees. OK Etihad, I'm ready!