What's Happening on Instagram

For those who do not have an Instagram account here is a little update on what's happening.

Spring weather in Paris can be iffy: cold and rainy or warm and sunny. And I am here experiencing both.

For some reason Paris loves to greet me with rain no matter what the season. Perhaps she is so happy to see me she's crying. Or, it could very possibly be just my luck. Hmm... I'll go with the happy tears!

The last few days have been lots of fun. I've been catching up with some of my favourite people in Paris. Breakfast with Carin and tea with Kasia has turned into the most wonderful routine while visiting Paris, as well as popping in to Moynat to see what's new – like my adorable new train pouch. Loooooove it!

And a picture of my pup Oscar is always a necessity when traveling. I adore this little guy and am already missing him like crazy. 

In a few days I will be visiting Geneva for the first time and am super excited that my mother will be joining me–more to come!