In LOVE with Instagram

How could you not be?

It's those warm filters - they make me want to climb right into people's pictures. 

Here are a few favourites from my recent trip to Paris.


Hey! How did Oscar get in here? :) There's always room for Oscar.

Hey!! How did Lynne get in here??

See! I could climb right in between those two.

OK, maybe not. (Look at how she's looking at him - beautiful.)




  • Courtney

    You are making me want to go to Paris stat! I think Oscar might need his own Instagram acct...he is a cutie!!! Xx

  • Joanne

    I really need to learn how to use Instagram :)

  • jbab

    Great pictures! Loved all of them, especially the church with the chairs, the cup of coffee, your cute doggy and Lynn with her husband. Also I must read more of Hemingway!That was so captivating!
    Thanks for a great start to my Monday!

  • Andrea

    The look(s) of love ! Need I say anymore. XoxoxA

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