How is it August Already?

How is it August already? Actually, how is it mid-August already?? 

When I am planning out my year during the early weeks, I take for granted how the 12 months will just whip by… and they do! They always do. But despite knowing this, I still find myself wishing the days away in anticipation of some big event, or trip, or special evening. I shouldn't! As the saying goes, savour the moment – right?! I will try. 

So here I am, poised and ready to take on the remaining months like a big girl… then once again I find myself failing in the patience department: I can't help but wish the next two weeks would fly by so I can sleep in a tree house and then hop on a plane to Morocco!!!! 

What do you do when the summer just hasn't been quite hot enough? (Sarcasm!)

Why, you book a trip to a destination that's even hotter, of course! Yikes! And, with the late summer deals and all, my beautiful hotels were calling. I couldn't help it!

My first trip to Morocco was in February 2016 with my friend Niki. There was no doubt that I would one day return, I just didn't think the exciting moment would come so soon. 

Since I booked my trip at the last minute, the most economical way from Toronto to Marrakech was to fly on Icelandair, via guess where? Paris! Yippppeeeee! Via Paris! "Banana's! We have to go through Paris!?" my husband hollered. Ha! But we do – c'est dommage. I tried connecting through just about every other city in Europe, but Paris was the only one that didn't break the bank. Swear it. 

The itinerary is two days in Paris and seven in Marrakech. See you soon hot hot sun! 

But first… the tree house!