Calling All Bookworms!

Update: Congratulations to Sacha of Ontario, Canada for winning New York in Color and Jennin of Florida, USA for winning the trilogy!!!

I just had the loveliest time with novelist Sally Christie, author of the Mistresses of Versailles trilogy. We met over coffee, and I listened to Sally tell the story of why and when the writing began and how the series came to be. 

I first discovered the series last year, when I picked up The Sisters of Versailles. I'm a sucker for historical fiction – especially anything related to France from the 17th century to WWII. I quickly noticed that it was book number one of a trilogy. Since I don't like it when a good book ends, knowing that there would be two more was a huge bonus!

I devoured it. The story of the Mailly-Nesle sisters is fascinating, and one not told enough. I knew very little of them. In one family, four of five sisters became mistresses to King Louis XV. Ha! Four! Naughty sisters.

Here is Marie Anne de Mailly, the youngest of the five sisters.

King Louis XV 

While these sister-mistresses come and go throughout the series, learning about the palace of Versailles, and the life at court – all the fashions, entertainment, extravagances, drama, religion, politics and so forth – all that was just as fascinating as reading about the king's trysts and dalliances. 

In celebration of this amazing trilogy, Sally and I are giving away a signed set! 

While I'm waxing poetic on my love for reading, I'd like to share another book giveaway. I gravitate towards websites such as Obvious State, Nichole Robertson's studio, which she runs with her husband. This haven for book lovers offers art prints, notebooks, greeting cards, totes, postcards, etc. and, of course, beautiful books, such as Nichole's most recent, New York in Color.

Because I'm heading to New York City, I thought this book was fitting. I will be collecting a signed copy from Nichole and she and I are happy to be giving one away! 

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The two winners will be chosen on August 11th.

Bonne chance!!

Now I'm off to NYC to experience French luxury and crystal heaven at the one-of-a-kind Baccarat Hotel. Yippeeee! More on this later.